Kingpost - is the main post in a building or a tent. It holds more weight.

In this church we value success because we believe Christianity must produce results when we're still here in this world.

We believe whatever the bible teaches it is of value, if success is in the bible therefore it is something we need to value because it is there.

Most Christians are more spiritual than Jesus Himself, they believe their job is to make sure that they succeed to go to heaven and nothing more. But let me shock you my friend if that was the reason to why God saved you, going to heaven is very easy, God will bring one track to knock you down, you die on the spot before you commit any other sin and then you are in heaven.

But why does He let you live longer in this world? Because there's something you need to do before you go to heaven.

There's an assignment God has given you to achieve, and for you achieve such an assignment you need to be successful,

We need it to preach the gospel, we need it to help the needy/orphans, so don't lie that you don't need money/you don't need to succeed, it's a lie. Every Christian should be very successful because there are many needs out there. There are people as I'm speaking now someone is probably breathing his last because he has not eaten for ten days somewhere around the world.

People abuse prosperity because of foolishness, but it's a good thing, it's biblical and God wants it. Jesus Himself taught it, people don't read the Bible but if you read the Bible God wants his children to prosper/succeed because it's needed. But if your vision is just to accumulate a lot of wealth and brag around, insulting everyone shame on you!

But there are good reasons to why a Christian should prosper/succeed.



Christians don't succeed because they want to separate righteousness and prosperity. You can't, if you want God to touch you and prosper, integrity/faithfulness/holiness all those things that have to do with Holiness, you can't run away from them. God is not a liar, He cannot bless you here and condone your evil character on the other side, it’s impossible.

The bible says now we know that God doesn't hear the prayers of sinner.

Many people have bewitched their prosperity/successes/progress simply because they've ignored the need for righteousness as Christians. So you'll be claiming a lot "I claim success, I confess success..." you'll do anything, you can sing them overnight, but if your character isn't in line with the Word of God you're blocking your own prosperity.


God has promised success and prosperity to the diligent

  • Proverbs 10:4 (NKJV) He who has a slack hand becomes poor, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.
  • Proverbs 12:24 (NKJV) The hand of the diligent will rule, But the lazy man will be put to forced labor.

Sluggishness is SIN. Laziness is SIN.

Only the diligent are promised to prosper in the bible.

But there are many lazy Christians, they'll sleep late watching funny funny stuff, they can't read a book, they can't look for knowledge, they can't do anything. Their job is just to claim, "I claim..." what are you doing?

Holiness only isn't enough, if you don't understand me let's read Psalms 1:1-3, cause there are people who are very holy, with Holiness you can't beat them around, but that will help you to go to heaven, not to get money.

Verse 3 (KJV) And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

*And whatsoever he dreams shall prosper? No it says whatsoever he doeth. Not whatsoever he wishes, whatsoever he doeth, make your hands dirty, do something. Christians who are lazy can't prosper. You may read your Bible yes and be faithful yes, you'll go to heaven probably, you know you can be blessed, you can be declared blessed but the manifestation of your blessings will come by making your hands dirty.

You must be diligent. I taught you against laziness. I said there are 3 types of laziness

i) Mental laziness

Don't be mentally lazy; there are people who can't look for knowledge. They don't want to learn, anything that demands a bit of brain, they'll push it aside "Aah I'll do this tomorrow" some people will say "Just tell me what I need to do I'm tired, I can't think, tell me what I should do" NO, nobody will tell you how you should get your money, but they'll tell you how you should give them money.

You want to get your own money? THINK. Use your brain don't be lazy. Look for information, these days there's a lot of information. Small book are written 'how you can grow tomatoes, how you can keep chicken etc' someone wants to start keeping broiler chicken and they don't know how, after a week all the chicks are dead, "The devil has risen, pray for my chickens pastor" no, if I pray for your chicken and you don't know how to raise them they'll die. Don't be lazy mentally. Look for information.

Success is for the diligent, not for the lazy.

ii) Physical laziness

Sluggish people, if they work for 1-2 hours, "Huh I'm tired". People who are lazy physically can't do a job well, the finishing isn't good at all they are lazy they don't want to finish it well. You know a diligent person when he makes a chair for you that chair will be neat, he'll make sure the nails are covered you can't see them. But a lazy person you'll sit on the chair they made your trouser will be torn because there will be a nail sticking out. Those are signs of laziness. Lazy people can't volunteer, they've to be forced to work.

Hard workers are looking for opportunities to work but a lazy person you'll have to force them to work. Can you say "I'm not lazy in Jesus name".

iii) Spiritual laziness

You must be also diligent spiritually, there are people who are spiritually lazy, they can't read their Bible, one Christian book, if you give them to read one book they'll read it for six months. The book will be brown before they're in the middle page of the book. There are still on page 20 and the book is already brown because they touch it, read half page put it there, keep moving with it, to impress everyone they are book mongers. They can't fast, they can't pray, they don't do anything to enrich themselves spiritually. You can't succeed if you're not diligent. You can't.

GOD bless you!!

Pastor Peter Makongoro