Five Years Arthritis Rheumatoid Miraculously Healed!


Five Years Arthritis Rheumatoid Miraculously Healed!

I have been suffering from Arthritis Rheumatoid for 5 years and I have been on drugs since then. My life changed so much because of this disease and I could not do the things I used to do. At one time it got so bad that I could not walk or even open the curtains because of the pain. When I started getting the medicines it started getting better and thus I needed to take them every day and could not miss a single day or else the pain would come back. I was taking seven different medicines on daily basis, because I was in severe pain on my joints, my mouth used to be dry, I couldn’t  get tears so I was using artificial tears, I was really suffering. I even still have black marks on my lips, elbows and body all because of the medicine. 

 Early January this year when it was announced that we were to start the 21 days of fasting at Church, I got so scared because it would affect my medication since I had to take them every day. The first day of the fast that was on the 9th of January, I decided to be getting the medicines in the evening and it did not work well. I decided to go talk to Pastor after a friend suggested and I did. Pastor took me through a teaching of fig tree Jesus cursed and said if I can  believe the mountain will be removed, he told me to confess my sins and ask for forgiveness and if I have not forgiven anyone I must do it and he prayed with me. From that day I stopped getting the medicines and the first day, second day past and up to this day I have not taken any of them yet I can walk and do everything I could not do. I am totally healed!

How great is my God?! He made a way for me. My life has changed and now I have gone back to doing my morning jogging.

Praise God!