Plots received for free following declaration by Pastor Peter


To the Glory of God I testify of the confirmation of the Declaration of the Man of God, my Father in the Lord Pastor Peter. On SUNDAY 24, Dec. 2017, Pastor declared that someone will receive a surprise gift. I received by faith because I felt it was a direct message for me, For I trusted God for Good news in November and December. God spoke to me and said in November and December shall be good news season for me. I didn't know what and how it will happen. In addition to that I had written to have a plot in 2017 as one of my goal and resolution which was prayed for and anointed by Pastor by Pastor Peter.  On Wednesday someone just asked me an escort to see his plot at Kinondo nearby Tegeta Madale. Finally to my surprise, God Surprised me as the servant of God declared, because I was told this is your gift. I thank God of my Father, Pastor Peter, The God of Capstone, The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob for this great sign and wonder, indeed 2017 was the year of signs and wonders to the sons and daughters Capstone

Daudi M.